5 Steps to Scheduling Your Baby -WAHM

One of the most vital things I learned while working from home, was finding a balance between juggling a newborn, getting my work finished, all while managing my home life. The best way I found to accomplish this was by setting up a schedule. What worked for me was not adjusting to baby’s schedule, but… Continue reading 5 Steps to Scheduling Your Baby -WAHM


8 Tips For A Healthy Happy Marriage

My husband and I are creeping up on being married for almost a decade now, and it hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies. We have had our “for better or for worse” times for sure, but it doesn’t mean that we have a horrible marriage. I’d say we have experience and knowledge to know how… Continue reading 8 Tips For A Healthy Happy Marriage


North Arizona Family Trip

This summer our family planned a last minute trip to Arizona. Something fun to do with our son before he started Kindergarten. Planning a family trip can always be stressful and very time consuming. Even more so, when traveling with a toddler. You always need to be prepared because kids are always full of surprises.… Continue reading North Arizona Family Trip