I wanted to take this time and opportunity to express my gratitude for all of those who have joined us on this journey. Our blog was something that boldly centered around family, the trials and learning aspects of motherhood and marriage. It is the key factor that drove our words unto our posts. Another core value and really the center of our families is our faith.

Throughout our voyages we have come through high waters and yet always found solid ground with Jesus at our core. During this Thanksgiving time, I wanted to share a beautiful tradition that has been a key demonstration for me as a child.

I grew up with a very kind yet strong women based family. The center of our family is our beautiful Matriarch, my Grandmother Amada. She had 4 daughters and each one is very different, yet the values are all the same, strong yet kind. She instilled this in all of us; to always lean on God and to never let life’s obstacles change our values. For this world has many people who need kindness and light in their lives.

Every Thanksgiving, as far back as I can remember, has been led with a prayer circle. We all gather around, hold hands and thank Jesus for his mercy, his unconditional love, and abundant blessings. We did not have the wealth of monetary things growing up but that was never important, we wanted for nothing. We were always blessed and we alway had each other and that was and still is everything.

So this Thanksgiving I want to thank God for my beautiful family. The wonderful opportunity of launching this blog with one of my Sils. I am so blessed by life and I just hope that I continue to shed his light with my life. Have a great long weekend everyone and enjoy these precious moments with the ones you love.