Fall Date Night Ideas

Finally, the weather has begun to cool down, pumpkin is added to so many different foods, and the AC has officially shut off. In other words it’s sweater weather. Although I normally like to just cuddle up with a nice warm drink and good movie, my husband and I are finally at a time where we don’t have a baby that needs our constant attention, at least for the next few months.

I’ve complied a list of dates that would be fun to add into our schedule during these fall months. These are great dates ideas whether it be a first date where you are trying to get to know each other, or getting reacquainted with your spouse. These date ideas are fun ways to just enjoy fall.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Ok so I know that this seems like an obvious place to have a fall date, but have you experienced all that there is to do at one? There’s petting zoos, carnival games, and the obvious, pumpkin picking! Even just strolling through the patch is a great way to enjoy your date.

Decorate your pumpkins.

After you head back from your trip to the pumpkin patch, decide to decorate your pumpkins! Whether you carve, paint, or just add stickers, this is a fun a date to show your creative side. And don’t forget to keep the seeds for a snack! Just wash them up real good, and coat them with some oil, and salt and pop them in the oven for 30 min, and it’s a great snack to munch on while you both sit back and admire your work.

Go on a hay ride

You can normally find tractor rides at bigger patches or better yet farms. Just prepare with a  warm drink, snuggly sweater, and blanket to sit on. You can check your local (listing) for hay rides in your area.

Head to an apple orchard.

Apple orchards are some of the most beautiful places during the fall. There are so many things to do on the orchard too! From apple picking, to taking a tour, to eating the delicious food the options for fun are endless. Even if you just decide to stroll through the trees, the scenery is so gorgeous that a simple walk is worth it.

Make some caramel apples or apple pie

Wondering what to do with all those apples you picked from your trip to the orchard? Why not turn them into some yummy desserts! You can normally find a caramel apple kit at your local grocery store, here is a link for one to have shipped to your door. And if you are feeling a little more adventurous, make an apple pie! You can either make your own crust, or just buy premade ones at your local grocery store. Don’t forget to get 2 crusts to make the top crust, and you can each help design the top, or if you are more competitive, make 2 separate pies for each of you to decorate and decide whose is best! 

Harvest Festivals/ Carnivals

These are a little harder to find in some areas, but they worth a little drive. There are so many different things to do at harvest festivals. You can shop from local farmers and artisans, listen to live music, play fun games, and don’t forget the yummy food! Check the schedule ahead of time to see what special events they have going on.

Corn maze

Ever want to get lost in your significant other’s eyes? Well instead you can get lost in a bunch of corn stalks. Totally joking. But honestly, it’s fun way to check your directional skills. I would recommend that you give yourself enough time to complete the maze and additional time incase you get a little lost. You can find these hidden little gems at local farms.

Coffee or cider date

Another great date where you can just talk about whatever you want. And what better way than over a nice warm cup of coffee? I personally can’t handle the caffeine after a certain time of day so I normally opt for some cider or hot cocoa. I suggest finding a quaint little coffee shop that isn’t too busy so you can enjoy each other’s company without the distraction or large crowds. And extra points if you can find a coffee shop that hosts fun events or live music on occasion.

Go to a football game.

I’m not necessarily talking about a professional game, although that is not off the table. I’m suggesting to go check out your local high school game. This is fun date that you can both enjoy. Just grab some snacks and enjoy the atmosphere.

Have or attend a bonfire

This is such a great way to enjoy the cooler weather, and stay warm. The beauty of bonfires is that you can have them with as many or as little people as you want. I would suggest checking if your home church or city park is hosting any kind event like this. Don’t forget to bring your marshmallow roasting sticks and s’mores kits. 

Go stargazing

Did you know that the fall sky is completely different than the summer sky? And there are few notable constellations and planets that you can see during the fall season. Just grab some chairs, or blankets and bundle up in your favorite fall sweater and head somewhere with less lights. I suggest a park, or check online for local star gazing groups.

What are your favorite fall date night activities? Let me know below if you have any other ones I missed!

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