Easy Large Batch Pancakes

Most mornings consist of me serving a warmed up breakfast and getting my kids into the school room to start the day. I try and get things done as quickly as I can so in the back of my mind I am not worrying about a mess to cleanup during our first break. But some mornings simply call for PANCAKES!

Luckily for you, I am going to share my secret on how to get warm & yummy pancakes without the mess of it all in the morning! Ready for my secret?


Ok, so it’s not ground breaking. I actually found out years ago that some restaurants prep their batter the day before and stick it in the fridge for the next day. All you have to do is make sure that you place plastic wrap securely over your bowl to prevent drying out and to help reduce the gross crustiness. I use a large measuring bowl that has a lid to cover it perfectly so I don’t get any spills. Here’s the link to one like mine.

The recipe I’m going to share with you is a simple one that has proven tried and true for my family. But I do want to warn you, this recipe is a large one that feeds a crowd. I currently have 4 growing boys, with a 5th on the way so this yields enough to feed the whole family (for now). But it works perfect for making and saving for later! I mean why not have pancakes 2 days in a row?? It’s the perfect weekend breakfast and with this recipe you should have enough for Saturday AND Sunday mornings.

I also use a griddle for my pancake days. It reduces the mess on the stove and keeps the heat consistent across the board. And since the temperature is controlled by yours truly, all my pancakes come out evenly cooked. The great thing about this one is that it really is NON-STICK! No use for any type of spray that would lead to extra cleaning. Here’s the link to one similar to mine, but really any griddle will do the job.

I also do things a little different with this recipe than most others, everything can be mixed together in just one bowl. No separating wet and dry! Now I did separate the wet and dry to take photos for this post, but most of the time my ingredients just go right into the bowl and they all get whisked up.

Flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder.
Milk, eggs, and the vanilla.
Mixing it all up.
All the ingredients are well combined and there is a minimal amount of lumps.
Check out those bubbles! Once you see a bunch of these bad boys, and the sides start to “dry up” it’s time to flip!

I love this recipe because it’s a simple one that even my younger boys can follow and majority of the time we have all ingredients on hand. You can top these with just about any type of toppings, or even add to the pancake mix itself to create yummy banana, cinnamon, and even pumpkin!

What types of toppings do you enjoy on your pancakes? I personally love a homemade strawberry syrup and whipped cream! Leave your comments below with your fave pancakes, and I hope you enjoy these as much as my family does!

Large Batch Pancakes

  • Servings: approx. 12 large pancakes
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An easy breakfast to prepare for now or placed in fridge for an easy breakfast later.


3 cups of all purpose flour

4 TBS sugar

4 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

2 eggs

3 cups of milk

2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Preheat griddle to 350.
  2. Mix dry ingredients in a medium bowl
  3. Add eggs and mix well.
  4. Add milk and vanilla into mixture, combine well.
  5. Using a ladle, scoop out desired amount of batter and pour directly on griddle.
  6. Once the batter has bubbles all over, usually 3 minutes, use spatula to flip over.
  7. Cook another 2 minutes until bottom is golden brown.
  8. Top with your choice of topping.
  9. Enjoy!


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