Simple & Easy Breakfasts that aren’t Cereal

These super simple breakfasts have saved us way too many times! It’s such a no brainer when you think about it, but there are days when our brains are just worn out. I have complied our favorite easy breakfasts to help you get your day started right!

Right Out the Fridge 

These breakfast ideas are some that require little to no prep time! on the days where you are just struggling in the morning, I suggest one of these. 

Yogurt with fruit, granola &/or honey. This is one of our favorites. A tub of vanilla or Greek yogurt and some fresh berries with a sprinkle of granola and drizzle of honey is healthy enough to not leave them crashing paired with the sweetness boost to get them started.

Bagels with cream cheese. Just whip out the toaster and schmear on some cream cheese and boom, breakfast done! This is great if you have an older child who you can trust to drop those bad boys in the toaster for you. We normally buy in bulk and precut so the kids just choose, toast, and eat!

Avocado toast. Again, just pop out the toaster and spread some avocado. The beauty to this is that you can make it as fancy or simple as you, or your children, would like.

Eggs & Bacon with Toast. I sometimes feel like the simplest things are the easiest to forget. This can easily be changed according to your diet and items on hand.

Oatmeal. Another tried and true meal! There are so many routes that you can take oatmeal on! Whether you make it quickly on the stove, throw it in the crockpot the night before, or just toss it in the microwave, oatmeal is hearty and will keep you and your kids going till lunch.

Mornings on the Go

These following breakfast meals require a little more effort, however, we like to prep a bunch and freeze to warm up later. I like to have a few of these on hand so that way when we have a morning we have to be out of the house, it’s warm up and go!

Breakfast burritos. Ah, one of my personal favorites! I love that I can make so many different types of breakfast burritos with what I just have on hand. Any kind of egg breakfast left overs gets rolled up and thrown in the fridge for the next day! I always wrap in wax paper so that I can pop them in the microwave and the kids can eat them on the go.

Breakfast Quesadillas. This is for my burrito making impaired. I too, cannot fold a proper burrito. So I’ve improvised and made breakfast quesadillas! Instead of folding and wrapping up the delicious egg, meat, cheese combo, just throw another tortilla on top and you’re ready to go!

Egg muffins. These are simple to whip up on the fly or prep ahead of time and just warm up for a warm toasty meal. We love to make an assembly line and everyone helps get breakfast ready and on the table.

Egg ham sandwiches. I feel like these are even easier than the previous suggestion, only because I don’t have to buy a special type of bread.

Smoothies. Want to have minimal mess and get your kids out the door quickly? Smoothies is your answer. Throw your favorite fruit (and veggies) with a scoop of Greek yogurt, and some juice or water in your blender and your off!

Prep the Night Before and it’s Ready for the Next Day

These meals do require some prep the night before, but the beauty of these is that you don’t have to make a large mess in the morning. Just cook and done.

Pancakes. Did you know that most restaurants prep their pancake mix the day prior and let it sit in the fridge over night? You know what I think about that? GENIUS! Just make sure to cover completely with plastic wrap to help avoid any drying out.

Waffles. Just like the pancakes, you can prep your waffle mix and leave it in the fridge. Just make sure to have your favorite fruit and whip cream on hand!

Muffins. I love making muffins, they are the cupcakes of the breakfast world! I normally make a batch of muffins the night before and they are cooled ready to eat in the morning. Best thing is your kids can help themselves!

Cinnamon Rolls. Yes, this one is a little more time consuming, but have you ever had fresh, homemade cinnamon rolls in the morning? My kids are always so enthusiastic to get out of bed when the smell wafts upstairs! But you don’t have to be an over achiever and make them from scratch, the canned ones make kids just as happy!

Did I miss your favorite easy breakfast? Leave me a comment down below with your go-to breakfast meals!

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